Stereograms: A Simple, Enjoyable Way to Enhance Your Vision and Relieve Stress

Did you enjoy the Magic Eye books during the 1990s? Officially they are called 3-D stereograms – see the example above. They are rising in popularity again. But it’s more than just entertainment. Over the years, studies have shown that there are multiple health benefits and are used for eye therapy. Using them can be called a type of aerobics for your eyes. Use Stereograms to enhance your vision and relieve stress!

I am passionate about seeking out and trying natural rather than drug approaches to improving my health and wellness. I love to try and promote tools that help me prevent conditions or catch and correct them at early stages. Thus stereograms appeal to me.

Dr. Marc Grossman, O.D., L.A.c co-created Magic Eye: How to See 3D in 1996 and uses the images in his daily practice. In this first book he notes that stereograms may improve vision, relieve computer eye strain (lots of us can use that!), develop visual skills, reduce stress, calm the mind, and more! Stereograms are also being used in learning technology for improving reading speed and comprehension!

What is a stereogram?

A Stereogram is an optical illusion created from a flat, two-dimensional image or images. When you first look at it, it looks like an abstract image made of repeatable patterns. When you look at it in a specific way, the hidden 3D picture will appear. You will see a relief object or objects wrapped with the pattern you first see in the 2D picture.

How do you see the 3D image?

The simplest way to see it is to move your face close to the image with your nose almost touching it. It can be on a computer screen, in a book, or on a single printed sheet or card. Look through the image you see and let your eyes relax. Then move slowly back from the image with your focus still beyond the image you see – and watch the 3D image appear begin to appear. As you continue to move back very slowly, it will tend to become clearer and clearer. Once it is clear you can tip your head back and forth to see movement.

Ready to explore?

With all of the screen time most of us have these days, along with the stress in many areas of life, most of us can benefit from the use of Stereograms to enhance your vision and relieve stress. I recommend that you check out these resources, decide on something to try and start exploring. The minimum that can happen is that you enjoy the practice and find it relaxing as millions have since these became popular in the 1990s.


Magic Eye Beyond 3D: Improve Your Vision, Reduce Computer Eye Strain, Stress & More focuses on all those benefits of Stereograms and includes great images. It examines the medical benefits and scientific possibilities related to viewing the images. It also gives clear explanations for use of the Magic Eye Stereograms and the benefits.
Magic Eye Beyond 3D


Seven Magic Eye Books have been published, starting in the 1990s. They are available here: 7 Magic Eye Books


The other prolific and highly regarded series of Stereogram books are Eye Tricks books by Gary W. Priester and Gene Levin, available here: Eye Tricks Books

There are also Stereogram Posters that you might like to look at and consider as wall décor.  Stereogram Posters

I hope you will enjoy the exploration and will find Stereograms to enhance your vision and relive stress!


I’m Carol Brusegar, author, photographer and curator of information. My focus is on gathering and writing on topics that enhance all our lives – regardless of our age. Topics include health and wellness, personal development, innovation and creativity, and a variety of helpful, practical tools and practices. 

 I have a special interest in helping people over 50 years of age to create their 3rd Age – the next stage of their lives – to be the best it can be.

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