About Carol Brusegar

I am a leading edge Baby Boomer, born in 1946.  As I look back at my life, I see a pattern of collecting and immersing myself in diverse experiences and ideas. I see myself as one who curates or collects. As I look forward, I will continue to do this as I am transforming my years after 50 to be a joyous, productive and contributory part of life.

My work experiences have ranged from playing various roles in multiple non-profit organizations and churches, to managing a crime prevention program in the police department of a major city, to providing small business support services.  I have gained appreciation for non-profit, government, and business sectors in the process.

I have been involved as a volunteer in a variety of faith-based efforts for social justice and social change, including Timothy’s Gift, a prison outreach ministry to inmates in Florida, Ohio, Arkansas and Tennessee.

Since leaving full-time employment, I have made three major relocations. I have moved from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Foothill Ranch, California to Nashville, Tennessee and am now in Cypress, California near Long Beach.  I made the moves  to be close to my only daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren. I had never anticipated leaving Minneapolis, but the weather, terrain and cultural differences have provided great opportunities for learning and growth and I have gained precious relationships in the process.

In addition to blogging, I have published 4 books on Amazon related to creating your third age – your years beyond 50 – into a time of joy, contribution and learning. They are Create Your Third Age, Create Your Third Age Workbook, Create Your Third Age – 101 Inspirational Quotes for People Over 50, and a Journal with the 101 Inspirational Quotes. I have also published several journals and planners on Amazon for reading, planning day trips and getaways, and a 3-part bucket list. Participation in 4 volumes of Community Book Projects has been an enjoyable way to become part of a community of writers. My Kindle books include The Miracle of the Christmas Ship and Between What Was and What Will Be – Reflections on Pandemic Liminal Space. You can see my books at Amazon.com/author/carolbrusegar .

The pandemic has affected all of our lives in profound ways and as we move forward I hope we can all regroup and reprioritize.

I look forward to connecting with you as we proceed to make our days ahead joyous, productive and full of contribution.

Carol Brusegar

Cypress, California

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