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I love gathering and curating ideas and resources that enhance and enrich life. With the ever-expanding amount of information we have access to, finding what may be applicable to us can be overwhelming.  It can be very helpful to have someone do the research, gather information and share what they found on a topic.  Most of the topics being explored here can be of interest and useful to people of all ages. Click on “Start… Continue reading

Imagination and Empathy – Tools to Decrease Division and Conflict

Division and conflict over a wide variety of topics and issues are a reality of life these days in the U.S. and across the globe. It truly is like we see different realities. What’s happened? Why are we so unable to understand others’ situations and perspectives? Could things improve if we expand our ability to imagine and empathize with other’s situations and perspectives? Author and clergyman Stephen Mattson makes a powerful statement about this: “When… Continue reading

Using Vision Boards and Mind Mapping For Summer Planning

Whoa! It’s May! Now’s the time to start thinking about how you want to make this summer enjoyable in multiple ways. That includes fun activities and also ways to expand your wellness. Vision Boards, Mind Maps and Bucket Lists are great tools to use!! We often thing about Vision Boards at the beginning of the year and they are a great part of planning then. I wrote about the basics of how to create vision… Continue reading

Ten Ways to Develop Your Creativity

Do you consider yourself to be creative? Often we associate creativity with writers, artists, musicians, and dancers – things associated with the arts. And we may see some people as more naturally creative than others. But in truth we are all creative beings.  We’ve had to use our creativity in very practical ways in the past few years during these uncertain, challenging times. You can further develop your creativity in all aspects of your life.… Continue reading

5 Ways to Exercise our Brains to Combat Cognitive Decline

Cognitive decline, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are discussed a lot these days. As the numbers of baby boomers – now aged 59 to 76 (in 2023) – grow, those conditions are big issues. It is true that as we age, our cognitive reserves start to fade and we find ourselves searching for lost words or taking longer to perform mental tasks. If we intentionally exercise our brains, especially after the age of 50, it can… Continue reading

Do You Want To Be a Super Learner?

We all agree that things continue to change, and it seems at an accelerating pace. Keeping up with it all can be a challenge. Whether technology changes, health and wellness advice, the businesses and shops within our local area, or any number of additional things, new things are available to us all the time. To keep up, it’s almost like we need to be a Super Learner. Sometimes it’s just so much, and we hear… Continue reading


Get your copy here: Memoir Essays Perhaps you have considered writing a memoir or some other format to capture your life. Maybe you’ve started such writing. Or maybe you think it’s self-centered or egotistic to do this. Perhaps you think no one will be interested in reading it so it’s not worth the effort. I see writing about your life as a gift to yourself and to others, whether they read it now or sometime… Continue reading

3 Steps to Alleviate Information Overload

Are you an information junkie? Do you want to learn about new things and dig deeper into topics you are already familiar with? Do you want to stay current on many of the issues and concerns of the day? It can be simply all-consuming or overwhelming at times. Consider some ways to alleviate information overload. Information overload has been continually growing since the Internet became part of our daily lives. Mobile devices give us access… Continue reading

Introducing “5 Practices for Taming the Stress Monster”

Do YOU feel stressed more often or more deeply in the past few years? I certainly have. The pandemic and all the ripples from it on physical and mental health, relationships, the economy and more have affected all of us. Taming the stress monster within our own lives is possible. Please read on. In the pursuit of return to ‘normal’, I and I suspect many others, have pushed down a lot of feelings and ignored… Continue reading

Post-Holiday Hygge – Simple Ways To Cozy Up Your Home As You Wait For Spring

Hygge, pronounced (Hue-gah), is a word used widely by Danish and Norwegian people to describe a feeling of well-being, protection and coziness. Denmark’s cold season is long and brutal. The idea of hygge was formed as a survival strategy to psychologically help people to get through the long winters. It’s become a way of life for them. The months between the December holidays until spring are an ideal time to implement some post-holiday hygge to… Continue reading

Using Mind Mapping For Problem-Solving

Mind Mapping is a tool that can be used for multiple things: brainstorming. planning, notetaking, simplifying or unpacking ideas, organizing ideas, making attractive presentations, and more. The focus of this article is using Mind Mapping for problem solving. Some background on Mind Mapping Before we look at this specific use for it, I want to address a question you may have: Why does Mind Mapping work? In a mind map, information is structured in a… Continue reading