How About a Midyear Check-in?

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If you are anything like me, you are amazed to realize that the midpoint of the year is upon us. It’s a great time to do a check-in with ourselves. It can be about personal goals and situations, family or groups in which you are involved, work, business or any other area of life. As the days, weeks and months seem to whiz past us – or we whiz through time on a roller coaster – a milestone like mid-point of the year can be a good reason to assess and refocus.

(If you are reading this at another point of the year, you will probably see that similar questions can be used at any point when you want to assess and regroup.)

I suggest a few simple questions to get started. Here they are:

What do you consider your accomplishments and high points of the first half of the year?
What attitudes, habits or practices helped those things happen?
What held you back from being at a different point at mid-year in each of the areas you are reviewing?
What needs to change so your results are different in the second half of the year?
What are your major goals for the next six months? (or another timeframe you choose)
What do you need to do to make them happen?
What additional resources or tools (of any kind) do you need?
What are the first steps to take and when will you take them?

This can be very helpful in identifying things to maintain and accelerate momentum. On the other hand, identifying what held you back earlier in the year allows you to make sure those same things don’t sabotage you in the coming months.

Although it is easier to read through questions like these, think of some responses and move on, the impact will be so much greater if we write down answers. The resulting document can be kept where it is a visible reminder on those days and even weeks when life takes us off course.
May your second half of the year be enhanced by your thoughtful assessment and planning!

FREE TOOL: I have put these questions into a worksheet in 2 formats. Use the one that works best for you. The links below will take you to the PDFs that you can download and print. 

Mid-Year Assessment Form A

Mid-Year Assessment Form B

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