Stereograms: A Simple, Enjoyable Way to Enhance Your Vision and Relieve Stress

Did you enjoy the Magic Eye books during the 1990s? Officially they are called 3-D stereograms – see the example above. They are rising in popularity again. But it’s more than just entertainment. Over the years, studies have shown that there are multiple health benefits and are used for eye therapy. Using them can be called a type of aerobics for your eyes. Use Stereograms to enhance your vision and relieve stress! I am passionate… Continue reading


It’s late in January and I have been seeing posts about the One Word for the Year that others have identified to guide their activities in this new year. Choosing one (or more) key words has become a practice of many people and I have done it to a degree before. But I realize now that I taken shortcuts both in choosing the word and in taking the recommended steps to increase the probability of… Continue reading

Between What WAS and What WILL BE…. Reflections on Pandemic Liminal Space

It’s amazing to me that we are STILL in pandemic liminal space!! No amount of mental gymnastics or fact avoidance can change the reality that we still have well over 1,000 people dying each day (mid-January, 2022) and total deaths are well over 850,000. COVID fatigue affects everyone in one way or another. For many it is avoidance of the current facts and not reflecting to make some sense for oneself of personal experiences. I… Continue reading

Gratitude is a Big Deal – But Why is That?

Gratitude is a big deal. It’s good for all of us, as we feel it, express it and share it. In the month of November, there is a big push for it on social media and elsewhere. Perhaps it’s part of your reflections at the end of a year or whenever you are regrouping. Nurturing it as part of our daily lives besides those occasional bursts is beneficial in many ways. Gratitude IS a big… Continue reading

Try a Vision Journal This Year!

Do you find Vision Boards useful in planning for and manifesting things you want to be part of your life? If so, try a Vision Journal this year to augment that tool. If not, this is a great way to use and expand the techniques – so try a Vision Journal this year! It’s the time of year for resolutions and plans for the coming months. Sometimes once they are created and we look at… Continue reading

“Holy Magic” Visiting Inmates Before Christmas

PHOTO CREDIT: You are loved. You have great worth. God is with you. You are not forgotten. Simple statements and deeply powerful. They reach beneath the chatter and the lies bombarding us from outside and from within. They reach to our core, our heart and soul, and create “holy magic.” And they are embodied — dare I say incarnated — in the team of people who brought the Timothy’s Gift Christmas Tour 2021 to… Continue reading


As I write this post, it is a few days before Christmas. For many people, the entire focus of the past month has been on preparing for that day as the culmination of the season. Often they start the hustle and bustle the day after Thanksgiving – shopping, decorating social events, etc. Then by the day or so after Christmas or at least before New Year’s Eve, it’s all over. Decorations down, focus on recuperation… Continue reading

Have a Hygge Holiday Season and Winter!

“Holiday season” is defined in various ways. Yours may or may not be the same as mine – and any of us may decide to modify our definition in this unique year of the pandemic. Personally, I celebrate Christmas through the 12th day of Christmas, January 5. There are ways in which I extend it even beyond that. I wrote about that last year (pre-pandemic) here: At whatever point you read this, the ideas… Continue reading

The Miracle of the Christmas Ship – a True Story for Your Enjoyment

Many of us love to read Christmas/holiday stories and books during December. Every year there are a lot of fiction books published to feed our reading hunger. I decided to offer a true story into the mix, The Miracle of the Christmas Ship. It is now available as a Kindle book on and will soon be available in paperback as well. It’s a short book – if it were fiction it would be called… Continue reading

Two Strategies for Staying Healthy and Managing Food Intake While Working at Home

Managing food intake can be a challenge for everyone who works at home, whether as a virtual employee, an entrepreneur, stay-at-home parent, or retiree. Many more people have experienced this during the nearly two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. The “pandemic 15” (or 20) became the descriptor of the pounds that crept onto many of our frames, tightening our waistbands and expanding our muffin tops. There are countless resources for weight loss, healthy meals, and… Continue reading