Transforming Your Retirement: Welcome!

“Transforming Your Retirement” is a process to which I am personally committed. My purpose here is to provide ideas, inspiration and tools so others can also engage in a life-affirming process that enriches and energizes their lives in retirement years.                                                           

“Transform” is to change in form, appearance or structure, or change in condition, nature or character; to turn around.
“Retire” is to leave one’s job and cease to work, or to withdraw to or from a particular place. (Wikipedia).

People considered Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, are now in their mid-fifties to about seventy years old. Retirement is different in many ways from our parents’ and grandparents’ experiences: life expectancy, health, resources, technology, and the wide array of options have changed. With the pace of our lives leading into retirement, many of us do not take the time or energy to take responsibility for making these the years the best they can be – except perhaps in terms of finances.

We may just slide into retirement with one or more of these attitudes, or others:
a) go with the flow/no more of this super-structured rat race;   b) apprehension about how you will spend your time;  c) overwhelm over the mental or physical list of tasks and projects you never got done;  d) apprehension about being with your spouse/partner all day every day;  e) general excitement over the world of possibilities now available, etc.

I invite you into an exploration of what you bring into retirement, tools that help you anticipate and design a “third act” that is satisfying, joyful and contributes to the well-being of others. There will be ways to connect with others who are approaching, beginning or in the midst of their retirement years. I look forward to sharing and to communicating with you as we travel this path of exploration and discovery.

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