Six Facts and Tips About Water For Health

It is the middle of the summer. The temperatures soaring in so many places, to the point of serious danger to health and well-being. We hear over and over: “Stay hydrated.” In addition to avoiding dehydration and heat stroke at this time of year, water is beneficial all year around for a variety of reasons. Water is important for your health. Here are Six Facts and Tips: 1) The recommendation is still 6-8 (or more)… Continue reading

6 Things You Bring to Your Life After 50

    Transforming your years after 50, including “retirement” (whatever that means for you) is a journey of awareness and action. As you look forward to, enter or are in the midst of these years, it is helpful to look at what you bring to this stage of life.  Identify, examine and decide what to do with things that either can sabotage your dreams or enhance them.  Each of the topics below is covered in… Continue reading

Transforming Your Years After 50: Keep Learning!

One of the important keys to transforming your years after 50 to a time of joy and fulfillment is to continue learning new things. Since I am building my online business, I am learning new tech things all of the time. Infographics are a great tool to summarize or provide an overview of information, and especially appeal to people who are more visually oriented. Today I put together my first infographic – the 10 Questions… Continue reading

Transforming Your Years After 50: The Cost of Inertia

Perhaps the idea of “transforming your years after 50” sounds like a lot of work. Perhaps it will cost money you are trying to conserve.  Perhaps you are thinking, I can look at this closely later; reading it is interesting but doing the exercises and thinking deeply about this can wait. My advice, my plea, is that you reconsider those thoughts.  Beware of inertia setting in.  Be alert to the tendency to slip into and… Continue reading

Transforming Your Years After 50: Introducing Mind Mapping, a Multi-Purpose Tool

Mind Mapping is a great multi-purpose tool that can help with various aspects of transforming your years after 50. I first became familiar with it when Tony Buzan, the creator of modern mind mapping, published Use Both Sides of Your Brain in 1976. I have used it sporadically ever since then. Perhaps you are not familiar with mind mapping. Tony Buzan describes it as a two-dimensional technique that uses imagery, drawings and color to gather… Continue reading

Transforming Your Years After 50: Activating Your Vision Board

Now that you have created at least one vision board as you are transforming your years after 50, what’s next? There are alternate ways to “activate” the power of vision boards. Most proponents advocate placing them where you can see them daily, preferably multiple times daily. This repeated exposure develops strong neural pathways in your brain to what you have included. Some practitioners talk of specific placement, i.e., being at your eye level in fairly… Continue reading

Transforming Your Years After 50 : Creating Vision Boards

Now that we know what a vision board is and how powerful it can be in helping in transforming your years after 50, it’s time to create a vision board. Tools and Materials Creating a vision board can be as simple as cutting photos out of a magazine and tacking them up on your office bulletin board, or it can be as complex as a hand-made frame with personal photos and trinkets. There are at… Continue reading

Transforming Your Years After 50: Vision Boards Work in Many Areas of Life

Vision boards can affect various aspects of your life as you are transforming your 3rd Act. When you create your vision board, regardless of which of life’s aspects you’re focusing on, be sure to look for images and words that make you feel the way you imagine you’ll feel when you achieve your goal. It’s not about what you want to have. It’s about how you want to feel. Any area of your life can… Continue reading

Transforming Your Years After 50: The Power of Vision Boards

In the process of transforming your years after 50, vision boards can help you be and do the things you desire. How? You have probably heard of the law of attraction, which some years ago became widely known through the movie and book, The Secret. Simply stated, when we focus on something, we attract more of it, whether positive or negative. If you spend all your time worrying about money, it seems to slip right… Continue reading