5 Stages of Creative Thinking to Enhance Your Life

Very few people are innately gifted with innovative thinking. But we can use techniques and approaches to promote creative thinking, and mind mapping is a very effective tool to that end. Mind mapping can aid in completing the thinking process. With some practice of techniques, we all can create lots … Continue reading

Mind Mapping Enhances Your Innovative Thinking

Transforming your retirement is clearly a creative project requiring innovative thinking. We are seeking to create a custom-designed joyful life that contributes to others and is deeply fulfilling. For possibly decades, we have had limited ability to step back and CREATE what we want in our lives because of commitments, … Continue reading


Infused water is the process of adding fruits, vegetables, and herbs to your water, then letting these ingredients flavor the water. Infused water expands your water options by providing a variety of tastes, plus nutrients from the produce and herbs. These waters will make water more appealing so you want … Continue reading

Transforming Your Retirement: 6 Things You Bring to Retirement

Transforming your retirement is a journey of awareness and action. As you look forward to, enter or are in the midst of retirement, it is helpful to look at what you bring to this stage of life.  Identify, examine and decide what to do with things that either can sabotage … Continue reading

Transforming Your Retirement: Keep Learning!

One of the important keys to transforming your retirement to a time of joy and fulfillment is to continue learning new things. Since I am building my online business, I am learning new tech things all of the time. Infographics are a great tool to summarize or provide an overview … Continue reading